Sunday, December 8, 2013

Space Conquest v.5

Christmas is just around the corner! So, to add to the holiday cheer, Time Bending Games has finished the new and Awesome "Christmas Update"! This update includes, but is not limited to:
  • Upgrades - 13 times per upgrade you say? that was yesterdays news. make your ship better than all of those in the galaxy with 2 more of each upgrade. Dare you to max all 15 of each upgrade!
  • Levels - 10 levels you say? Also yesterdays news. Halloween Smalloween, just 10 levels. sheesh. now we have 15 levels, with new and unique setups.
  • Enemies - added 2 new enemies: Dart Turrets and Matter Turrets! The dart turrets do not aim, they just fire in 1 direction. in combination with regular turrets, these can be quite difficult. The matter turrets shoot giant bullets, and even lead you! The first few Matter Turrets may not be too accurate, but they will become more difficult on levels to come.
  • Bullets - created Matter Turret specific bullets.
  • Logo - Logo Themed for Christmas!
Bug Fixes:
  • Tutorial - made pressing p in the required tutorial stage pause and unpause correctly.
  • Fixed location of turrets on the lower planet on level 5.
  • Fixed location of turrets on the upper planet on level 9.
  • Changed the title font in the Level Select Menu to 22 pt.
  • Changed the description font in the Level Select Menu to 18 pt.
You may be wonder about Battle Ball. Right now, we are currently completely dedicated to Space Conquest, so it is at a standstill. Don't fret, I haven't completely given up on it, focus is just diverted to this. Until next time,

Please comment with any Suggestions you have!!!