Sunday, October 11, 2015

Battle Ball v0.9.101 Beta

Another very minor update for Battle Ball, but completely different for us.As of this update, Battle Ball is now written in ActionScript 3. Big deal right? This means that the updates for mobile and browser can be syncronized easily, providing faster updates and less confusion. To further increase syncronisation, the version labeling of Battle Ball versions has been changed. Without further jibber-jabber about useless complicated backend stuff, here are the changes that will actually affect you:

  • Updated GUI - all of the buttons feature an updated GUI that decreases file size and increases legibility.
  • Changed all done buttons to say back, and moved them all to the left side.
Bugs Squashed:
  • hud was behind spikes
  • on level 4 u could shoot through the spikes
  • tri shot turret's bullets wouldn't move
  • bullets missed changed to bullets fired in stats menu
  • reset skills destroyed boost recharge
  • overall stats was not loading correctly

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Battle Ball Mobile

Over here at Time Bending Games, we have made a few changes to Battle Ball Mobile beta testing. As of today, anyone can join the program by following this link on their android device:

This means easier opt in, which provides more feedback for us, and thus more updates and tweaks! Wooo!! One thing to note, this blog will *most likely not* be posting updated versions of Battle Ball Mobile. The release notes can be found on the google play store. for a history of updates, contact us and we will try to send you a list of all previous recorded updates. Until next time,



Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Battle Ball v.91 Beta

Not as major as the last update, but smooths lots of things over. Here are the latest and greatest features implemented and bugs squashed:

  • New Upgrade System:
    • Max levels and indicators
    • skill points can be added or minused
    • additional upgrades for pickups, health generator, and xp generator.
  • Achievements Menu:
    • Redid Icons - Shiny!
    • Replaced Achievements - accommodated for the loss of slow time and changes in the upgrade system
  • Achievement click noise for reward and regular
  • Dropped Slow time
  • Decreased all turrets health on boss 10
  • Killing a boss now adds to kills.
  • Portals are a lot smarter (depreciated the portal timer)
  • Pickup achievements add a static amount to pickups instead of doubling worth
  • Killing boss 5 and 10 add a static amount to pickups instead of doubling worth
  • Decreased the health generator's power
  • Decreased the xp generator's power
  • Boss 6-10 explosion sound when killed
  • Bullet Speeds can now vary
  • Boss Homing bullets are now black, and home in on the ball better
  • Added notification for saving, loading, and clearing save slots
  • Major performance enhancements!

  • Fixed side sliders only hit inner ball.
  • Fixed the boss music loop
  • Fixed the boss music, and background sound still playing after clicking the upgrade and achievement notifications
  • Fixed a turret on boss 7 having too much health
  • Fixed 3 turrets on boss 9 having too little health
  • Fixed incorrect health bar length on bosses 6-10
  • Fixed resetting a save slot then loading gives 5 free initial skill points
  • Fixed health generator generating health after the ball is dead
  • Fixed Boss 5 homing bullet not working
  • Fixed Achievement 21-24 reward

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Battle Ball v.9 Mobile

Here at Time Bending Games we have just released the first ever beta version of Battle Ball to the Google Play Store. The features of the mobile version are exactly the same as the browser version at this point, but will most likely fall behind the main version with future updates.

Since it is in beta, you will not find it in the store just by doing a search for it. Unfortunately, it is only tested on a group of people. To join in the fun, send me an email tiuipuv(AT)gmail(DOT)com and I will add you to the group of beta testers.



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sky Drive v1.31

Figured it was time for a nice polishing update to cover up the big 1.3 update a while back. Though there are not many new huge features, this update is sure to smooth out a lot of gameplay issues. This update includes, but is not limited to:
  • Made 2 more platforms in starting area
  • Added 2 additional platforms
  • Made the 4 edge platforms longer
  • Added color to helicopter shot text
  • Made shooting a player give score and display text
  • Made pickups give score and display text
  • Slowed the helicopter down
  • Increased helicopter spawn rate
  • Increased vertical range helicopter spawns in
  • Reduced helicopter score worth in Arcade
  • Made parachuter be affected by speed
  • Added wins count to the Summary Menu in Arcade mode
  • Added total score  to the Summary Menu in Campaign mode
  • Added 2 targets to shoot at in Campaign Mode
  • Added 2 levels, randomizes between the 3.
  • Different levels have different colored platforms.
  • Added Settings Menu, and moved Animations and Always Day into it.
  • Added Mute Setting.
  • Kongregate Only: Added another stat, targets shot
  • Removed 4th of July theme.
Bug Fixes:
  • 2 overlapping platforms at same height acted like a wall
  • Main Menu text was selectable
  • Helicopter score text was selectable
  • Helicopter didn't animate on main site

Monday, May 25, 2015

Battle Ball v.9 Beta

Firstly I would like to say..... BATTLE BAAAALLLLLLL!!!!! Just, WOOOO!!! Anyway, this is another one of those spooky updates pumping out the Time Bending Games factory. This is the biggest update Battle Ball has ever had since initial release. The entire game has been rewritten at its core, so that caused the most delay. So here are the notes:
  • New Enemies are green!
  • Added bosses 5-10 - Hexagonal boss, with awesome intro animation, sliding out turret holders, and one kick butt center turret. Warning: Boss 10 is really difficult, as he seems to be mysteriously juiced up with a nice xp generator!
  • Added levels 6-10 - Some of the spikes have ends. These levels are all green enemies, with some awesome tri-shot tank enemies and stationary shooters!
  • Added cheats
  • Added Achievement Notification
  • Added Confirm Button for Saving, Loading, and Clearing Data
  • Added level kill quota - 50 kills on a level will fill the quota, turning the level button gold, and gives the player a skill point.
  • Added covers for spike intersections
  • Added xp Generator for killing boss 10
  • Added version number to lower right corner in pause menu
  • Changed spawn system (not visible)
  • Changed menu system (not visible)
  • Changed level system (not visible)
  • Decreased Reward for Distance Traveled achievement
  • Decreased Requirements for Distance Traveled achievement (from 1,000,000 to 200,000)
  • Increases Difficulty faster in levels 1-5
  • Increases xp earned from kills in levels 1-5
  • Moved the fps indicator towards HUD and behind menus
  • Added logo - themed for Halloween!
Bugs that be squashed:
  • Fixed HUD not showing totals.
  • Fixed side enemies rotating while timeslowing during respawn animation.
  • Fixed sounds not working because of the loading bar.
  • Fixed Health Generator not being right on the ball (delayed).
  • Fixed Boss 4 and 5 side turret bullets showing even when not fired.
  • Fixed The distance traveled achievement to take the right amount of distance.
  • Fixed Health Generator staying on screen after ball is killed.
  • Fixed boss 5 not appearing after being killed once.
  • Fixed Bullets staying on screen after ball is killed.
  • Fixed Slow time not affecting Health Generator.
  • Fixed Slow time not affecting the background enemy spawner.
  • Fixed Achieve All achievement still being locked, and reward not giving anything.
  • Fixed Slow time not affecting respawn animations.
  • Fixed enemy spawn jumping.
  • Fixed the infinite growth and failure to spawn some enemies would encounter.
  • Fixed boss music loop after the intro it would skip on slow computers.
  • Fixed the boost achievements not saving how many boost packs were collected.

Not that much info right? Sure. Not all changes are listed, mostly because the list was created more recent than the changes, so for those not listed, I'm sorry for not putting them here (not really). Accompanying this update (or more like battle ball v.87 ish) is being tested in a select group of mobile phones, with sweeto-neeto-kinda-nifty tilty functionality. The mobile may be released to the google play store at version 1.0 (can't imagine how much longer it will be till then, if history is any indicator, 2 and a halfish years :P ). Curious about Space Conquest, or Sky Drive? Cool. As for Space Conquest, we have just level 20 to design and implement, and pwoosh, factory starts pumping out a new update (for the very, very small fee of free). Sky Drive is still in the idea gathering phase, as well as the data collection phase for those who play on kongregate, so no update is in the works yet. Anywho,

Happy Halloween! and ...

Please comment with any suggestions you have!!!

(ah the traditions that don't matter) Cheers,

Jordan Jensen