Sunday, October 11, 2015

Battle Ball v0.9.101 Beta

Another very minor update for Battle Ball, but completely different for us.As of this update, Battle Ball is now written in ActionScript 3. Big deal right? This means that the updates for mobile and browser can be syncronized easily, providing faster updates and less confusion. To further increase syncronisation, the version labeling of Battle Ball versions has been changed. Without further jibber-jabber about useless complicated backend stuff, here are the changes that will actually affect you:

  • Updated GUI - all of the buttons feature an updated GUI that decreases file size and increases legibility.
  • Changed all done buttons to say back, and moved them all to the left side.
Bugs Squashed:
  • hud was behind spikes
  • on level 4 u could shoot through the spikes
  • tri shot turret's bullets wouldn't move
  • bullets missed changed to bullets fired in stats menu
  • reset skills destroyed boost recharge
  • overall stats was not loading correctly