Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sky Drive v 1.17

This is a relatively major update to Sky Drive's Background and Art. Also, I forgot to mention the release of Sky Drive v 1.16 that was for Kongregate only. That update was to support Kongregate's built in High Scores system. This release contains a new Day / Night Cycle System that has 4 different times in the day.
They are:
       Morning (12 Seconds)
       Daytime (14 Seconds)
       Evening  (12 Seconds)
       Night     (14 Seconds)

I also improved other graphics, such as the clouds and the background.

On another note, I have made some more progress on Battle Ball, Unfortunately, Levels 6-10 is a lot harder to make than I imagined. I have fixed a list of about 30 different bugs though, so there is still hope.