Thursday, November 3, 2016

Battle Ball v0.9.109 Beta

Hey guys. 'Nuther update! Here are the notes:
  • Is performance really a feature?
  • Im calling that it a feature. Heck ya.
  • RAM usage at 1/2 of previous release.
  • Fixed boss button roll over handler
  • Fixed while dying, switching levels you still die again.
  • Fixed when killing a boss, unlocking a new level, and chosing level select when already in the level select menu, the game broke.
Be on the lookout for LOTS of bugs, I re-wrote the entire rendering method.



Sunday, October 16, 2016

Battle Ball v0.9.108 Beta

New update rolling out today for mobile and browser.

I just love saying those two in the same sentence :) Integrated mobile browser in one codebase.... no versioning issues.... Easy release....

Anyway, I'll stop drooling on my keyboard. For now. Have some release notes:

  • Joysticks (mobile) - control the ball and turret with joysticks. (beta!)
  • level unlocked menu - shows up when you unlock a new level. It gives a short description and a picture of the level.
  • background - has a cool texture. tiny change but has a big effect on the 'feel' of the game. (added background panels, but they are disabled)
  • Halloween themed logo - BEWARE!
  • Visual - hud bars have a grey-ish background gradient now
  • Gameplay - adjusted boss xp values
Bugs annihilated with Raid (no copyright issues intended):
  • Application activate deactivate is better hopefully.
  • Fixed level 6 background color
  • Fixed xp bar scale
  • Fixed tutorial not showing if you click the achievement or upgrade in game notifications.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Battle Ball v0.9.107 Beta

Great. I forgot to change the GameisMobile boolean to true for the mobile release, thus v0.9.107. yippy 2 updates in 1 day.

Battle Ball v0.9.106 Beta

Woo update after a while!!  If you want, you can take a survey on Battle Ball via this link:

Blah blah blah, here are the release notes:
  • Tutorial - introduces basic gameplay and menus
  • Clear data - button in save load menu, allows you to reset all save slots
  • Fixed respawning on same level breaking everything
  • Fixed TBG logo not weird box


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Battle Ball v0.9.105 Beta

Small update out today. The changes are as follows:

  • Increased value of killing (most) bosses
  • Added pause menu to multiplayer
  • Tweaked Small Button Color in Multiplayer
  • Added settings menu
    • Volume Slider
    • Quality - Low, Medium, High
    • Background Detail - Low, Medium, High
    • Particles Slider
    • Desktop Only:
      • Control Settings - WASD or Arrow Keys
    • Mobile Only:
      • Control Settings - Tilt or Joystick (Preview)
      • Accelerometer Calibration - (Preview)
      • Credits
      • Diagnostics - log that shows any issues battle ball encounters, or used for debugging
  • Deleted mute in pause menu
  • Deleted background adjustment in pause menu
Bugs squashed:
  • Fixed xp generator and health generator not on ball
  • Fixed pause button in multiplayer breaking everything (mobile)


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Battle Ball v0.9.104 Beta

Incremental update for Battle Ball out today! You may ask, why skip v 0.9.103? The reason we did this is because when publishing to the Google Play Store, the app got flagged as insecure due to it running on an old version of adobe air. This forced me to get a new version of adobe air, and increment the version number on mobile. So, here we are at good ol' 104 due to that. Anyways, this minor update includes:
  • Multiplayer - The previous version had a very small glimpse at the upcoming multiplayer. This version expands on that preview exponentially:
    • Server side accounts - added a new create account and log in mechanism, allowing battle ball to save data to the server so you can play your multiplayer account from any computer.
    • Rooms - you can now create a room (with a few settings) that online pplayers can join from the lobby.
    • Room Interactions - you now have the ability to see a players readiness, kick players (if you are the admin), and start a game.
    • Multiplayer Gameplay - a very minimalistic preview of online gameplay is bundled with this version. You have the ability to move and aim as well as see all of the other opponents. Shooting and Scoring is not yet possible. The game concludes and puts you back in the Muliplayer Menu.
  • Singleplayer - Minor improvements to the ball visuals and movement itself.
Remember, if you have an android phone, you can join the Battle Ball Beta on the Google Play Store, just follow this link and opt-in to the beta program:



Monday, February 15, 2016

Battle Ball v0.9.102 Beta

Fixed some important flaws from the last update, as well as some cool new features:
  • Added main menu
    • Includes single player, multiplayer, settings, and enemy index. As of this release, singleplayer works, multiplayer is being built, and settings and enemy index do not do anything.
  • Redid save system:
    • Added autosave functionality, occurs when you level up or when you quit.
    • Saves are loaded from the main menu, decreasing confusion associated with the old system.
  • Fixed portals not working.
  • Fixed upgrade indicators not displaying after loading a different game.