Sunday, October 16, 2016

Battle Ball v0.9.108 Beta

New update rolling out today for mobile and browser.

I just love saying those two in the same sentence :) Integrated mobile browser in one codebase.... no versioning issues.... Easy release....

Anyway, I'll stop drooling on my keyboard. For now. Have some release notes:

  • Joysticks (mobile) - control the ball and turret with joysticks. (beta!)
  • level unlocked menu - shows up when you unlock a new level. It gives a short description and a picture of the level.
  • background - has a cool texture. tiny change but has a big effect on the 'feel' of the game. (added background panels, but they are disabled)
  • Halloween themed logo - BEWARE!
  • Visual - hud bars have a grey-ish background gradient now
  • Gameplay - adjusted boss xp values
Bugs annihilated with Raid (no copyright issues intended):
  • Application activate deactivate is better hopefully.
  • Fixed level 6 background color
  • Fixed xp bar scale
  • Fixed tutorial not showing if you click the achievement or upgrade in game notifications.