Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Battle Ball v.91 Beta

Not as major as the last update, but smooths lots of things over. Here are the latest and greatest features implemented and bugs squashed:

  • New Upgrade System:
    • Max levels and indicators
    • skill points can be added or minused
    • additional upgrades for pickups, health generator, and xp generator.
  • Achievements Menu:
    • Redid Icons - Shiny!
    • Replaced Achievements - accommodated for the loss of slow time and changes in the upgrade system
  • Achievement click noise for reward and regular
  • Dropped Slow time
  • Decreased all turrets health on boss 10
  • Killing a boss now adds to kills.
  • Portals are a lot smarter (depreciated the portal timer)
  • Pickup achievements add a static amount to pickups instead of doubling worth
  • Killing boss 5 and 10 add a static amount to pickups instead of doubling worth
  • Decreased the health generator's power
  • Decreased the xp generator's power
  • Boss 6-10 explosion sound when killed
  • Bullet Speeds can now vary
  • Boss Homing bullets are now black, and home in on the ball better
  • Added notification for saving, loading, and clearing save slots
  • Major performance enhancements!

  • Fixed side sliders only hit inner ball.
  • Fixed the boss music loop
  • Fixed the boss music, and background sound still playing after clicking the upgrade and achievement notifications
  • Fixed a turret on boss 7 having too much health
  • Fixed 3 turrets on boss 9 having too little health
  • Fixed incorrect health bar length on bosses 6-10
  • Fixed resetting a save slot then loading gives 5 free initial skill points
  • Fixed health generator generating health after the ball is dead
  • Fixed Boss 5 homing bullet not working
  • Fixed Achievement 21-24 reward