Sunday, March 4, 2018

Space Conquest v.6

What has happened?? Is this the apocalypse? Have the walls caved in on reality? No my friends, this is actually a Space Conquest update, with the last update over 4 years. We had pushed it to the side for quite a while, and when we tried to revisit it about 2 years ago, effort seemed futile because it was written poorly, had bad performance, and was in an outdated language called ActionScript 2 (Just like SpaceShipCraft still is, hint hint).

However, ActionScript 2 days are gone for Space Conquest. With this version, we have migrated all of the code to ActionScript 3, enabling the future option of exe versions, full-screen, and mobile development. Additionally, through the conversion to ActionScript 3, we have done some rudimentary code cleanup to make the project somewhat manageable (more on that in the next version). As a byproduct of the conversion, we have seen a much more stable frames per second, which is very encouraging.

Here are the release notes:
  • Code migration - as mentioned above, it is running on AS3.
  • Code cleanup - this release decreases the amount of lines of code dramatically 
  • Level addition - this release has added 4 more levels, all of which are unique and add some great new enemies to fight.
  • Main Menu - Space Conquest now has a title! Additionally, we moved the buttons to the bottom to reflect a more balanced main menu.
  • Cursor - the cursor now changes depending on if you are clicking, as well as changes between menu and regular game-play.
  • Balancing - this game features a ton of balancing. You can find this in about 6 different achievements, where we have lowered some of the pack pickup requirements, while increasing a few of the damage dealt achievements. Also, we have started off new games with more health, faster health upgrades, more energy, and slightly higher fire-rate. A few more balances were made to other upgrades as well.
As with any major change, there may be some bugs in this release. We tested pretty thoroughly, but I'm sure a few bugs slipped through the cracks. Please help us exterminate them. Until next time,