Monday, January 6, 2014

Space Conquest v.51

Tis' the season to be jolly! At least it was. Here at Time Bending Games we are hoping to extend the holiday cheer with another nice little update to Space Conquest, addressing a lot of issues players have experienced. This update includes, but is not limited to:
  • Formations - You always thought to yourself, "gosh, these smart drones aren't as smart as I expected!" Well expect away. But at least now expectations have been met, as smart drones (level 10+) now form up into different formations, including Arcs, Lines, V's, Wing Left, and Wing Right. Also, there is added support for combined formations.
  • Upgrades - Remember back to when it was difficult to know how many upgrades you had already purchased, or how many more you could buy? Now we have solved your dilemma (Not by killing all of the Rebels for you, your getting too greedy now Commander) by adding in upgrade indicators! these little guys show up under each upgrade button, showing what level each upgrade is.
  • Credits - If you ever wondered exactly who I got those sounds from, this is the update for you. Not only are their usernames listed, they are in alphabetical order for your convenience.
  • Logo - Removed Christmas Theme.
Bug Fixes:
  • Logo - fixed visible edge of clouds at the end of the animation.
  • Upgrades - rewrote most of the upgrade system. This could be considered about 20 bugs fixed. Most of the problems showed up in the upper level upgrades.
  • Increased the turret health on level 5 to 5.
  • Fixed the location of the drones on the upper planet on level 5.
  • Fixed the location of the drones on the mid right planet on level 6.
  • Fixed issue on level 9 where not all enemies were removed when the player quit.
  • Fixed mini-map issue on level 11 and 13 where the planet was in front of the ship.
  • Fixed level 2 turrets' rotation speed.
The logo for Time Bending Games has been redrawn way larger, so you can expect some wallpapers available soon. Until Next Time,

Please comment with any suggestions you have!!!



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