Friday, September 13, 2013

Loading Bars and Progress Update

Im currently implementing a loading bar into into Battle Ball:

Space Conquest and Sky Drive will be soon to follow, although I don't know if it will be easy to implement over at Kongregate. This will eliminate the white screen where you wait for the game to load and replace it  with a nice progress bar. The loading screens will most likely be updated separately from the game itself. Planning on putting up the Battle Ball loading bar tonight.

On another note, here is a taste on some of the progress I have made since the last updates:
  • Space Conquest is almost ready to be released as beta .3, just a few levels and some optimizations left to go. It will also need a loading bar for .3 release.
  • Sky Drive v 1.21 is almost ready to be released also, just a few more features to be implemented, Including a loading bar.
  • Battle Ball is currently being altogether reconstructed because of issues with my old developing technique. Unfortunately, this will set back the release of .9 a long ways, so end of the summer release is not going to make it. It will take a while to fix all of the problems caused by switching to a newer system, but when it is fixed, development speed should be considerably faster.
As always, please comment with any and all suggestions you have! It would be greatly appreciated.



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