Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Space Conquest v.4

Cool Spooooky Update for Space Conquest rolling out our factory. Bug fixes and more features are stamped in with this one. Changes Include:

  • New Levels - 5 new levels (levels 6-10) including a new rebel tech facility. (Ooooo, Aaaaaahhh)
  • Energy recharge system - energy only recharges when you are not on the throttle.
  • Smart Drone Artwork - All smart drones have separate artwork, so they are easily distinguishable.
  • Smart Turret Artwork - All smart turrets have separate artwork, so they are easily distinguishable.
  • Achievements Notification - drop-down slider in the upper right hand corner that appears in level when any achievement is earned. It had the achievement logo, achievement number, and tier that was just earned.
  • About Button - added an about button in the settings menu, showing version information and credits.
  • **Logo - Themed for Halloween!
Bug Fixes:

  • fixed engine sounds playing after running out of fuel.
  • fixed rotations of drones on level 5.
  • fixed green planet start location on level 5.
  • fixed fire rate of drones on level 5.
  • fixed fire rate of turrets on level 1.
Minor Tweaks:
  • player ship - worse fire rate
  • player ship - slowed bullets
  • achievement rewards - decreased bullet speed reward worth
  • turrets - decreased level 1 turrets health
  • turrets - best fire rate for enemy turrets is now worse.
  • drones - changed simple flying enemy graphic
  • stations - decreased health station recharge time.
  • achievements - adjusted bullets dodged (lowered last, increased beginning)
  • achievements - adjusted bullet dodged in 1 level (increased all)
**Note: Halloween Logo also applies to sky drive.

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