Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sky Drive v1.3

Happy 4th of July from Time Bending Games! (At least close there in to the 4th, haha) Firstly, I would like to thank all of those on for letting me use their sounds in my game. Also, thanks to Joe Wagner from flashkit for the fireworks animation! Here is one of the biggest updates ever for Sky Drive, hope it improves game-play tremendously, especially for single-player. Improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Changed to Multiplayer/Singleplayer categories
  • Arcade Players starting locations changed
  • Arcade Players starting locations now shuffle
  • Arcade Scoreboard automatically scales to number of players
  • Arcade Scoreboard puts players in order of score (highest to lowest)
  • Help Menu automatically scales to number of players
  • Help Menu background changed to yellow
  • Added Pscioed and MonkeyBarrelMan to Credits
  • Added support for menu transitions
  • Added a score indicator for when a helicopter is shot
  • Decreased Arcade Fire rate powerup to 16 seconds
  • Major performance increases
  • **Logo - Themed for 4th of July!
  • Kongregate Only: A slew of new stats! from 3 stats to 15 stats, including separated arcade vs career stats.
Added career menu:

  • back
  • save/load (10 save slots)
  • upgrade (with buy and upgrade)
  • stats (with 7 stats)
  • instructions
  • continue/start


  • Button Press - occurs when a button is pressed (duh)
  • Player Bullet Fired - occurs when shooting
  • Player Bullet Hit - occurs when a player is hit, randomizes between 6 sounds
  • Player Gravity Flip - occurs when you change your gravity
  • Menu Music - music that changes depending on what menu you are in
  • Powerup - occurs when you pick up a powerup
  • Atmosphere - occurs during gameplay

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug: logo cloud edge no longer appears at the end of the animation
  • Fixed bug: powerups didn't respawn in new locations on the following run
  • Fixed bug: powerups causing way more lag than needed during singleplayer
  • Fixed Arcade bug: Player 1 powerups would carry over to the next run
  • Fixed Arcade bug: Pressing enter would cause some vehicles to spawn incorrectly
  • Fixed Arcade bug: Player 3 randomly spawning out of the playing area
  • Fixed Arcade bug: Player 1 randomly spawning higher than normal
Wow, talk about taking up screen space. That is the longest release notes we have ever had. Cool. Another thing of note is that the kongregate version is starting from a clean slate, so I will be contacting the kong developers so they can remove the old Sky Drive. I will then upload the latest and greatest with no low ratings! This process will probably take a few weeks, so give it time. As always,

Please comment with any suggestions you have!!!



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