Sunday, September 29, 2013

Space Conquest v.3

It has been a long time since the last update for Space Conquest. 1 year and 8 months, to be exact. This is the first official release on its track towards version 1.0, where it will be released to kongregate.

Release notes for v.3:

  • Levels - 5 levels in this update, level 1 being a tutorial.
  • Save Load Menu - Has 10 save slots to chose from.
  • Stats Menu - Includes a horde of 20 different stats, from accuracy to ship rotations.
  • Achievements Menu - 20 different kinds of achievements, each with 4 tiers. earning tiers gives you achievement points. earning tier 1 gives 1 point, tier 2 gives 2 points, tier 3 gives 3 points, and tier 4 gives 4 points. this makes every achievement series worth 10 points when completed. you can claim specials when you reach a certain number of acheivement points. This includes command center capture speed, and pickup worth.
  • Level Select Menu - hexagonal level select that looks awesome. as stated above, only levels 1 - 5 work. Select the level to see a discription, then press play to... play the level!
  • Upgrade Menu - includes upgrades for hull strength, energy tanks, repair bots, solar panels, damage, and reload speed. each of these can be upgraded 13 times.
  • Settings Menu - Includes Quality Changer, and a Sound On/Off. the sound On/Off doesnt currently work, as there are no implemented sounds in the game.
  • Level Summary Menu - Summary after the completion or failure of a level, which contains a handful more level specific stats.
  • Gameplay - changed the way to win, there is now a command station on each capturable planet. There are also some refill stations on some of the planets, giving the player vital energy and health. These can only be used when the planet is captured.
With this update, I am planning on adding a preloader as well, hopefully there will be no bugs with the loading process. In the next update, I am planning on releasing sounds and achievement notifications. This may be released with bug fixes in v .31, or later in versions .4 and above.

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