Saturday, October 12, 2013

Space Conquest v.31

Fresh new update for Space Conquest rolling out the factory today. It is a big bug fix update, but also includes some neat little add ons. For this cool release:

Time Bending Games - added Logo with link to the main website on game start

  • Button Press Sound - when a button is pressed (duh)
  • Player Ship Firing Sound - occurs when shooting
  • Enemy Firing Sound - occurs when the enemy is shooting
  • Command Station Capture Sound - really helpful for determining when you have captured the planet
  • Player Ship Engines - makes a rumbling noise when traveling forward or backward
  • Pack Sound - occurs when you pick up a pack, same sound used in battle ball
Bug Fixes:

  • save/clear/load buttons, the popup message said undefined.
  • Health and energy packs would overfill the player ship.
  • fixed typo in a description - captured is now captured.
  • On level 2, the mini-map planet was in front of the mini-map player ship.
  • Unobtainium packs do not give double after claiming the pack worth doubler.
  • when loading an empty save slot, unobutainium was set to 0 instead of 10.
  • Achievement 11 description fix.
  • changed locations of turrets on asteroid on level 3.

The next release is a ways out, but it will have the next 5 levels (5-10) and other new features to keep the game interesting.

Please Comment with any suggestions you have!!!



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