Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sky Drive v1.21

A big update for Sky Drive today. This release includes, but is not limited to:
  • Loading Bar - implementation of a loading bar will occur with this update.
  • Preloader - added the Time Bending Games logo to the beginning of the game.
  • Drop Shadows - all of the art in the game (excluding menus) now have a neat drop shadow, giving the game a more 3d feel.
  • Full Platform hit detection support - the player can now hit the end of the platforms, making their vehicle not move forward.
  • Platforms - added 2 vertical platforms to make it more interesting.
  • Kongregate - more stats to check out.
  • Play Again Button - removed continue button and replaced with play again button.
  • Helicopter - blades spin around now, and shooting the helicopter gives you 1000 score + distance you were at when you shot it.
Bug Fixes:
  • Player 2 started out of level
  • Sloppy code - checking the same thing twice, lowering performance
  • Rewrote lots of code - increasing performance and making it easier to make future updates
  • fixed images - increased the quality of the images, removing 'floaty pixels', often associated with JPEG images.
  • fixed issue when pressing quit in the pause menu, then playing again.
  • fixed the possibility of getting stuck in a platform, because of the Full Platform hit detection support.
Nice little update for the game, improving overall gameplay. hoping to implement sounds soon, but that could be a while yet, as I have not located any sounds to use.

Please Comment with any Suggestions you have!!!



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