Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sky Drive v1.31

Figured it was time for a nice polishing update to cover up the big 1.3 update a while back. Though there are not many new huge features, this update is sure to smooth out a lot of gameplay issues. This update includes, but is not limited to:
  • Made 2 more platforms in starting area
  • Added 2 additional platforms
  • Made the 4 edge platforms longer
  • Added color to helicopter shot text
  • Made shooting a player give score and display text
  • Made pickups give score and display text
  • Slowed the helicopter down
  • Increased helicopter spawn rate
  • Increased vertical range helicopter spawns in
  • Reduced helicopter score worth in Arcade
  • Made parachuter be affected by speed
  • Added wins count to the Summary Menu in Arcade mode
  • Added total score  to the Summary Menu in Campaign mode
  • Added 2 targets to shoot at in Campaign Mode
  • Added 2 levels, randomizes between the 3.
  • Different levels have different colored platforms.
  • Added Settings Menu, and moved Animations and Always Day into it.
  • Added Mute Setting.
  • Kongregate Only: Added another stat, targets shot
  • Removed 4th of July theme.
Bug Fixes:
  • 2 overlapping platforms at same height acted like a wall
  • Main Menu text was selectable
  • Helicopter score text was selectable
  • Helicopter didn't animate on main site

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